Ethoprophos banned by European Commission

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Ethoprophos, the active substance in Mocap 15G, has been banned by the European Commission.

Mocap 15G, marketed by Certis, is a popular insecticide and molluscicide among UK potato farmers and its loss will seriously deplete their crop protection toolkit.

The decision to ban ethoprophos was made at a recent meeting of the Standing Committee on Plants, Animals, Food and Feed after the Commission had put forward the draft regulation for a vote.

The published Commission regulation banning ethoprophos gives a maximum date of until 21 September 2019 to sell or distribute existing stocks of product, and a maximum use up date for products of 21 March 2020.

Member States are left to set their withdrawal dates within these boundaries but the UK has yet to publish its withdrawal notice for Mocap 15G.

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