European farming representatives argue for competitive fertilizers market

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At the beginning of May, a delegation of European farmers, including representatives from NFU and the farming unions from Ireland, Spain, France, Germany and Finland, met with DG TRADE officials to discuss proposed anti-dumping duties on urea ammonium nitrate (UAN) fertilizers from the USA, Russia and Trinidad and Tobago.

UAN offers a number of benefits over other fertilizers, as its precision application in liquid form carries economic and environmental advantages.

The European Commission has proposed anti-dumping duties on UAN coming from the third countries at an average of 23%. This would drive the price up in the EU, making it uncompetitive and inaccessible for European farmers.

Farmers across the EU have made investments into storage and equipment in order to use UAN, so the loss of the product would have significant implications for farm income.

The Commission will hold hearings with other stakeholders in the coming weeks, and will publish a report with its findings in June/July. A vote to approve or reject the proposals is scheduled for September 2019.

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