Herbicides banned and renewed by EU

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The herbicides desmedipham (used mainly in sugar beet) and dimethenamid-p (used in mixtures for weed control in oilseed rape) were both voted on at a recent meeting of the Standing Committee on Plants, Animals, Food and Feed (20-21) after the Commission had put forward draft regulations for a vote.

In the case of desmedipham, the qualified majority vote supported the Commission’s proposal to ban the active, where as in the case of dimethenamid-p, the vote supported the Commission’s proposal to renew the approval of the active.

The NFU has been working with the sugar beet industry for over a year to stress the importance of desmedipham to UK growers. It’s lost will leave UK growers heavily reliant on phenmedipham for annual broad leaved weed control in beet crops. Our focus is now to ensure phenmedipham makes it through the ongoing review process.

It will be a few weeks before the Commission publishes the regulation banning desmedipham, which will set out the maximum date to sell or distribute existing stocks of product, and a maximum use up date for products. Member States will then set their own withdrawal dates within these boundaries.

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