Four growers elected to NFU Sugar Board

NFU sugar board chairman William Martin and current board member John Goodchild have both been re-elected to the board for a further three year term.

Sugar beet harvest_275_183Following counting and verification of voting forms it was confirmed that they will be joined by Mark Fletcher, a former Sugar Industry Programme participant and current BBRO research and development board member, who has been newly elected to the board for a three-year term.

Meanwhile, current board member Nick Wells, who was up for re-election after his three year stint, will sit on the board for a further 12 months to replace long-serving member John Hoyles who is stepping down with immediate effect.

William Martin said: “I’m delighted to have been re-elected to the board for a further three years and also very pleased to see Mark successfully voted to the board as we continue to look to the future and wish to encourage greater involvement of the younger generation of growers. I would also like to congratulate John and Nick on their re-election to the board.

“I look forward to continuing the work that is underway on behalf of beet growers as we enter a crucial period in the coming months with both the changes to the sugar regime under on-going debate and with our work to try and ensure the challenges of competitiveness and production risk which beet growers face on farm are recognised by the processor.”

The elected members will take their place on the sugar board from the next meeting of in March, where a vote will then be made to appoint officeholders including the chairman and vice chairman positions.

Notes to editors:
• Next NFU sugar board will take place on March 13 2013.
• All sugar beet contract holders are able to vote for candidates for the NFU Sugar board.
• Candidates for the 2013 NFU Sugar Board elections were: Mark Fletcher, John Goodchild, William Martin, Neil McLeod, Michael Mottram, Nick Wells
• Voting took place between January 2 and February 19 2013, with growers able to submit their vote online or by post.