Countryfile magazine features column from NFU President

14 December 2022

NFU President Minette Batters standing in front of a brick barn and wearing the NFU wheatsheaf pin badge.

NFU President Minette Batters has written a column for Countryfile magazine looking ahead to 2023 and how British farming can offer solutions to many of the issues the UK is currently facing.

After years of safe, continuous supply, our food and where it comes from is now a national conversation.

Extreme weather events, from flooding to drought, soaring energy costs, and the war in Ukraine disrupting food supply in ways we hadn’t imagined, means global food security is now a priority.

In Britain, we take great pride in our farmers who produce high quality, sustainable food while caring for our natural environment, and as the primary suppliers to the UK’s largest manufacturing sector food and drink, we contribute more than 100 billion to the national economy.

Alongside this crucial role as food producers, in normal times farmers are also central to the rural community and deliver in ways which often go unnoticed, from clearing snow-blocked roads and supporting the fire services in remote areas, to championing mental health. In 2023 such action will have even more resonance.

As we look ahead to 2023, more challenge and change is inevitable but British farmers can and want to be part of the solutions needed. From producing more renewable energy and more climate friendly food, the British farming sector can help Britain thrive. Working in partnership with decision-makers is key to deliver our collective success and that is my aim and my hope for the coming year.