NFU Sugar and British Sugar contract negotiations

07 November 2023

Sugar beet harvest December 2018

NFU Sugar welcomes the clear direction from government1 that negotiations with British Sugar to set a price for sugar beet this year should resume.

Government has been explicit “that there is a well-established process in place to agree the sugar beet price.” Defra adds: “It is very important that all parties involved now continue to follow that process and reach a mutually acceptable outcome.”

Government’s direction could not be clearer. When British Sugar retracts its current sugar beet contract offer made to growers outside of the established process, NFU Sugar is ready to resume the negotiation process that the company bypassed last week. But that price-setting process2 cannot function effectively whilst British Sugar is, at the same time, making unilateral offers to beet growers outside of it.

We expect British Sugar to adhere to government’s direction and return to the negotiating table in good faith.


Notes to editors:

  1. This update follows Defra’s latest statement on sugar beet negotiations.
  2. This process also includes agreeing the terms and conditions of contracts.