Save up to 15% on agricultural parts and supplies from Kramp

Farmer & Grower

Our main category of membership, NFU Farmer & Grower members get access to the full suite of offers including unrivalled professional services and member rewards, expert local and national advice, plus lobbying and representation.

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Who are Kramp?

Kramp are Europe’s largest wholesaler of agricultural parts and supplies, and distribute through agricultural machinery and parts dealers.

What is the discount?

NFU Farmer and Grower members can save up to 15% on agricultural parts and supplies.

Plus, get a FREE Swarfega goodie bag with your first order through Kramp online.

How do I get the discount?

  • Farmer and Grower members please click here to open the registration form to set up an Kramp Online Services account (requires member login).

  • If you already have a Kramp account, please speak to your Kramp dealer to discuss your options.

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