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NFU Fly-Grazing Service

The NFU understands the inconvenience and financial impact of fly-grazing on farmers, so to help ease the burden eligible NFU members can benefit from advice and support through the NFU Fly-Grazing Service. The service aims to support members who are suffering from an ongoing fly-grazing problem, but it can also be used to arm our members with all of the information they need to tackle fly-grazing should it happen to them in the future.

What does the service include?

  • Specialist advice from our team of experts by calling NFU CallFirst on 0370 845 8458
  • A Fly-Grazing Farmer Information Pack
  • Discounts with GRC Bailiffs - recognised experts in dealing with fly-grazing

In addition, the NFU’s Legal Assistance Scheme has agreed to offer a fixed rate of support at the early stages of the bailiff assisted removal process, as well as for the other removal methods set out in the pack to NFU members that are also LAS subscribers*.

* normal Legal Assistance Scheme rules apply.

Fly-Grazing Farmer Information Pack

To assist members with fly‑grazing problems, the NFU has produced a Fly‑Grazing Farmer Information Pack containing information for farmers concerned about the problem, including useful tips on helping to prevent fly‑grazing, guidance on what you can do if fly‑grazing occurs on your land and signs for use on the farm. It also includes information on legislation which may be used when dealing with fly‑grazing, which will be updated as necessary.

The following items are included within the pack:

How do I get a pack?

Simply log in to download from the above links above. Alternatively, members can either order items, a full hard-copy pack or make an enquiry by calling NFU CallFirst on 0370 845 8458 or completing the enquiry form below:

Please note: The following items are available individually and members should inform the Customer Service Adviser which item(s) they would like to order:

  • the full pack;
  • prevention signs; or
  • template notices

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