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The British Crop Production Council has produced The UK Pesticide Guide 2018; a unique and authoritative source of information on pesticides and adjuvants. Produced by an independent editor and published by two independently funded not-for-profit organisations.

The 2018 edition of The UK Pesticide Guide has 15 new active ingredient profiles included for the first time. PLUS details for products that require 5m Arthropod buffer zones and products that require use of spray equipment with Drift Reduction Technology (DRT) within 30m of surface water bodies to complement the LERAP details

New Active Ingredients

  • Herbicide additions:
  • florasulam + halauxifen-methyl – in cereals
  • flufenacet + picolinafen – in winter cereals
  • fluroxypyr + metsulfuron-methyl + thifensulfuron-methyl – in wheat and barley
  • mesosulfuron-methyl + propoxycarbazonesodium – in winter cereals
  • Fungicide additions:
  • amisulbrom – blight control in potatoes
  • Bacillus amyloliquifaciens D747 – disease control in horticultural crops under full protection
  • benzovindiflupyr +/- propiconazole – disease control in cereals
  • fludioxonil + tebuconazole – seed dressing for cereals
  • fludioxonil + sedaxane – seed dressing for cereals
  • fluopyram + trifloxystrobin – disease control in managed amenity turf and strawberries Insecticide and PGR additions are:
  • Bacillus thuringiensis israeliensis AM65-52 – in ornamental plant production under full enclosure
  • dodecadienol + tetradienyl acetate – in apples, cherries and pears
  • fatty acids – in cucumbers, tomatoes and strawberries under full enclosure
  • 1-napthylacetic acid – growth regulation in apples

What is the discount?

The NFU have negotiated a 20% discount off the RRP of the online UK Pesticide Guide 2018.


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How to claim a discount?

  • Call NFU CallFirst on 0370 8458458 where the advisor will provide you with a discount code and instruct on how to access the online guide.

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