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Save 20% on the online UKPG

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The British Crop Protection Council has produced The UK Pesticide Guide 2017; a unique and authoritative source of information on pesticides and adjuvants. Produced by an independent editor and published by two independently funded not-for-profit organisations.

The 2017 edition of The UK Pesticide Guide has seven new active ingredient profiles included for the first time, two available in 2017 and a further five listed as Products also Registered (PARs). The additions include:

  • Cyantraniliprole for insect control in headed brassicas
  • Halauxifen-methyl +/- fluroxypyr for braod-leaved weed control in cereals
  • Buprofezin for insect control in protected Solonaceae
  • Penhoxamid for weed control in grain maize and winter oilseed rape
  • Pepino Mosaic Virus for suppression of viral diseases in protected tomatoes
  • Phytium oligandrun M1 for disease control in spring barley, wheat and oilseed rape
  • Tembotrine for weed cointrol in maize and sweetcorn

In addition, hazard precautions have been upgraded and the roll-out of extended buffer zones for some products continues with many products re-approved under new MAPP numbers.

What is the discount?

The NFU have negotiated a 20% discount off the RRP of the online UK Pesticide Guide 2017.


This offer is available to all Farmer and Grower members.

How to claim a discount?

  • Call NFU CallFirst on 0370 8458458 where the advisor will provide you with a discount code and instruct on how to access the online guide.

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