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An illegal encampment, also known as an unauthorised encampment, is the unlawful occupation of land without permission from the landowner or occupier. This constitutes a trespass, which is a civil law matter.

To assist members with illegal encampment problems, the NFU has produced an Illegal Encampment Farmer Information Pack. Contained within this pack is information regarding police & local authority powers, possession orders and GRC Bailiffs.

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Illegal Encampment Farmer Information Pack

The pack contains information for farmers concerned about the problem, including useful tips on helping to prevent illegal encampments and guidance on what you can do if illegal encampments occur on your land. It also includes information on legislation which may be used when dealing with illegal encampments, which will be updated as necessary.

The following items are included within the pack:

  • Business Guide 008: Illegal Encampments and Other Forms of Trespass: Police and Local Authority Powers
  • Business Guide 009: Illegal Encampments and Applying for a Possession Order
  • GRC Bailiffs Unauthorised Encampments Pack

Members who subscribe to the NFU’s Legal Assistance Scheme may apply for financial contributions towards their fees. Each case will be considered on its own facts and merits before financial support is granted (if any at all)*.

How do I get a pack?

  • Guides from the pack can be downloaded in the 'Related Documents' below (requires member login).
  • Members can also order the pack by calling NFU CallFirst on 0370 845 8458.

PLEASE NOTE: The following items are available individually and a member should inform the Customer Service Adviser which item(s) they would like to order:

  • The full pack;
  • Or individual guides

*normal Legal Assistance Scheme rules apply.

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