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Providing professional advice, information and representation to actively support our tenant members.

Benefits of the service, adding more value to your membership:

  • A dedicated Tenants' Helpline, on 0370 300 0288, your first point of contact for assistance and professional advice on tenancy issues.
  • Tenants' Business Guides: A range of free Business Guides are available giving background information and guidance on Agricultural Holdings Act tenancies, farm business tenancies, rent reviews, arbitration, succession, Notices to Quit, plus many other agricultural business topics.
  • Rural Surveyor Firms:Get specialist advice on tenancy issues in each region.
  • Legal Panel Firms: Get specialist legal advice from your regional NFU legal panel firm.
  • Legal Assistance Scheme (LAS): Get professional guidance and contributions towards professional costs incurred in relation to agricultural legal disputes (eg, rent review arbitration).
  • Tenants' First Advice: LAS subscribers can also take advantage of the Tenants' First Advice Service when facing a rent review. This service provides a contribution of up to £600 towards professional advice required to prepare budgetary reports for assessing the rental value of a farm.
  • Tenants' Professional Expenses Cover: Offered in conjunction with NFU Mutual, this provides protection against the costs of a rent arbitration or dispute that goes to the Agricultural Land Tribunal. Further details  can be found in the leaflet in the Related Documents below or  from your NFU group secretary.

Please click on the below links for more information:

List of Rural Surveyor Panels

Our Tenants Service leaflet

NFU Mutual expenses leaflet

Representing You

- Regional Representation: A Regional Tenants' Spokesman and county representative act on your behalf on tenancy issues arising in your area.

- National Representation: Led by the NFU Vice President along with the NFU Rural Surveyor, based at Stoneleigh HQ.

- Regional NFU Tenant Meetings: An annual opportunity for members to raise questions surrounding issues affecting their business and an opportunity to get an update on the latest tenancy topics.

- NFU Tenants' Conference: A bi-annual National Tenants' Conference.

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