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So that the website is a safe and inclusive platform for discussion, comments are moderated before being published. This is not done to censor your views but to ensure that comments relate to the particular subject being discussed. Moderation will never be used to suppress legitimate, reasoned discussion.

There are some dos and don’ts, please follow these guidelines for posting a comment on NFUonline.


Be polite – people won’t reply if you’re rude

Be clear and relevant – otherwise nobody will know what you mean

Reply to other comments – and get involved in the discussion

Write in English – so that everyone can understand

Return to the page to see what other people have to say – and keep in touch with the conversation


Be offensive – you’ll upset people

Swear – we can’t post your comments if you do

Be racist – we have a zero tolerance policy on racism

Break the law – illegal activity will be reported to the police

Reveal personal information – be cautious over how much of your information, and other people’s information, you make available to the public on the internet

Pretend to be someone else

Post spam –this could block genuine comments

Please note comments are moderated between 9am-5pm Monday to Friday only.

The NFU will not guarantee that all comments submitted will be published and reserves the right to suspend comments at any time.

We publish some comments in our monthly members magazine, British Farmer and Grower

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