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We want you to be as informed as you can about the Government’s consultation into future agricultural policy post-Brexit.

Through the NFU’s roadshow of regional meetings and briefing papers, we want to be sure that NFU members are kept in the know with the latest information to aid them when responding to the consultation.

That’s why we’ve created a Q&A video which asks the top burning questions on the consultation to ensure you’re up to speed on arguably the most significant development in government laying out UK agricultural policy since the passing of the 1947 Agriculture Act.

The video asks:

  1. What is in the Government consultation?
  2. What does this mean for NFU members?
  3. If BPS is being phased out, where will the budget go?
  4. The paper talks about ‘public goods’ – what are they?
  5. What do these mean in practice?
  6. How will the NFU’s response be formulated?
  7. Does the NFU have any initial thoughts about the consultation?
  8. Where can members find more information?

What are you waiting for? View the video here:

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