Generating low-carbon electricity if there's no Brexit Deal

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What does the notice say?

This ‘no deal’ technical note relates to the recognition and certification of low-carbon electricity.

In the event of 'no deal', Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin issued in the UK (and Guarantees of Origin from high-efficiency combined heat and power) will no longer be recognised in the EU. Generators may be limited to selling their electricity to suppliers in Great Britain only.  However, there will be no change in the UK to the recognition of installer certification issued by European Economic Area states to installers of certain microgeneration technologies (e.g. solar and wind power).

Under the various renewable electricity support schemes (Feed-in Tariffs, Contracts for Difference, Renewables Obligation), neither EU nor UK fuel suppliers, renewable electricity generators and consumers, will need to take any action on 'green import exemptions' or sustainability requirements.

What does this mean for me and my business?

The NFU does not believe this will directly impact NFU members who generate renewable electricity mostly for self-consumption; it will mostly concern large electricity suppliers and traders.

What is the NFU doing?

The NFU considers that diversification into renewable electricity production offers our sector stable and predictable returns, making our agricultural businesses more resilient at a time of considerable uncertainty.  We publish a variety of information and briefing documents for our farmer and grower members on land-based renewables and government policy, and we represent our members’ interests by responding to relevant government consultations.

Where can I find out more?

Browse through our NFUonline channel on Renewable Energy for descriptions of our policy work over the past few years.  NFU responses to government consultations may also be found in our Consultations channel.

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