Speak up for farming's future

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Farmers are making their views heard in a clear and united call on government to create a food and farming framework that will allow their businesses to thrive for generations to come.

As more than 35 member meetings are held across England, as well as discussion in national and regional sector boards and forums, NFU members have urged Defra to heed their advice on topics including BPS payments, future environmental stewardship schemes and the value of food as a public right.

The government expects 100,000 responses to its consultation paper Health and harmony: the future for food, farming and the environment in a Green Brexit.

Hundreds of members have been having their say since its publication, with the process closing on 8 May.

The NFU will be responding in detail on behalf of more than 45,000 members in England after gathering views across the organisation during the consultation period. 

Here's a snapshot of some of the views from NFU members...

Dave Morgan, beef, sheep and arable, Herefordshire                       
Dave Morgan - Command paper vox-pops_53176

John Tingey, arable, Gloucestershire
John Tingey - Command paper vox-pops_53179

Jamie Butler, dairy farmer from Hampshire
Jamie Butler - Command paper vox-pops_53178

Andrew Loftus, livestock, Yorkshire
Andrew Loftus - Command paper vox-pops_53175

Amy Panton, livestock coordinator, Lancashire
Amy Panton - Command paper vox-pops_53174

Keith Davis, dairy farmer, Gloucestershire
Keith Davis - Command paper vox-pops_53180

Richard Findlay, mixed farm, Yorkshire
Richard Findlay - Command paper vox-pops_53182

Hugh Broom, beef and sheep, Surrey
Hugh Broom - Command paper vox-pops_53177

Peter Davidson-Smith, arable & sheep farmer, Gloucestershire  
Peter Davidson-Smith - Command paper vox-pops_53181

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