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The NFU has submitted written evidence to the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee's inquiry into Defra's Food is GREAT campaign. 

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The inquiry focused on the current success of the Food is GREAT campaign, how the UK government is working with industry partners to help build global recognition of UK excellence in food and drink, and identifying and opening new markets to UK products.

The Committee invited written submissions and requests observations on the following issues:

  1. How effectively is the UK Government promoting and marketing British food and drink abroad;
  2. Whether British food and drink has an identifiable ‘brand’ overseas;
  3. What opportunities and challenges exist in promoting and marketing British products abroad;
  4. The support given by the UK Government to trade bodies and companies to break into overseas markets;
  5. How effectively Defra and DIT are working with the devolved administrations to promote British food and drink;
  6. The role of European protected status for food and drink;
  7. The role of trade bodies in facilitating and supporting the growth of British food and drink at home and abroad;
  8. How the UK Government can leverage industry quality marks such as the Red Tractor Assured Food Standard to underpin the UK’s reputation for high standards at home and abroad;
  9. What can be done to encourage consumers to buy British at home.

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