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The Government has published a consultation paper on the future agricultural policy post Brexit.

The consultation paper, also known as the government’s “Command paper” is arguably the most significant development in government laying out UK agricultural policy since the passing of the 1947 Agriculture Act. It sets out the government’s strategy for post Brexit agricultural policy that will succeed the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

The government is keen to hear from farmers. Speaking earlier this year Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, said that “there are huge opportunities for those in agriculture to play the leading role in shaping the future strategy”.

The NFU is on the front foot and has already set out its vision for the future policy. The NFU’s Framework for Success sets out a bold and ambitious policy for farmers to succeed post Brexit. This vision gives us a solid foundation from which to respond to the consultation but we want to build on that, continuing the conversation with our members across the country.

How to have your say

Members of the NFU’s policy directorate will be on hand in the regions to present the government’s proposals, alongside what the NFU’s position has been and how the NFU’s response is developing. We want your input to make sure that each and every one of our members has an opportunity to have their say on this very significant consultation, so that together the voice of farming and its interests are heard loud and clear by government and members of Parliament.   

If you would like to attend one of these meetings, please book your place with you NFU regional office. Find details for your regional office here. For members unable to attend, see the summary presentation given here. 

Use the links below to find a meeting in your region:
South West | East Anglia | South East | North East | East Midlands | West Midlands | North West

South West

19 March Wiltshire AM
19 March Wiltshire PM - afternoon
20 March Dorset AM
23 March Gloucestershire AM
27 March Devon AM
27 March Devon PM - afternoon
27 March Devon PM - evening
28 March Somerset AM
29 March Cornwall AM

East Anglia

16 April Beds / Hunts AM
17 April Cambridgeshire AM
18 April Suffolk AM
18 April Hertfordshire AM
19 April Norfolk AM
19 April Essex AM

South East

9 April BBO (North) AM
9 April BBO (South) PM - afternoon
10 April Hampshire AM
10 April Surrey PM - evening
11 April West and East Sussex AM
12 April Kent AM
12 April Isle of Wight PM evening

North East

10 April York East PM - evening
10 April Northumberland PM - evening
11 April Yorks & West Riding PM - evening
11 April North Riding and Durham PM - evening

East Midlands

11 April Market Harborough AM
11 April Newark PM - evening
12 April Bakewell AM

West Midlands

10 April Worcestershire PM - evening
11 April Shropshire PM - evening
12 April Staffordshire PM - evening
17 April Herefordshire PM - evening
17 April Warwickshire PM - evening

North West

16 April Cheshire PM - evening
17 April Lancashire PM - evening
18 April Cumbria PM - evening

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