Coronavirus: Download the essential journey certificate

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The NFU is aware that farmers and growers, their employees and businesses supplying farm businesses are eager to do all they can to follow the government’s COVID-19 guidance.

Our sector wants to make its contribution to control the spread of the outbreak and protect lives. But we must also continue to produce food, which is recognised by the government as a critical work.

To prevent instances of police stopping and challenging employees or farmers about their normal course of business, the NFU has produced an essential journey certificate for members and their employees to carry with them when travelling to/from work or between different sites.

This can be downloaded here and used in order to show relevant authorities, if asked, what their role is in producing food in line with government requirements and adhering to public health guidance.  

We would also suggest that an employer provides their employees with their own letter on their company letter head with the employers name and contact details on.  

Please note that at this point, workers can travel to or from work if their work cannot be carried out from home and that there is currently no specific requirement or criteria on documentary evidence. This may however help deal with any issues on the ground and we are looking to support our members in any way that we can.

Frequently asked questions

Please ensure you keep up to date with government advice on, here.

Government advice states that you may leave your house to exercise and you should combine this with leaving your house to maintain the welfare of your animals. The NFU can only offer an essential journey certificate for members and their employees, but suggests that businesses provide anyone who is required to visit their land to maintain the welfare of animals with a letter on their company letterhead with the proprietor’s name and contact details on.

Agricultural Contractors should obtain a certificate from their employers on their company letterhead with their employers name and contact details on.

Agricultural engineers should obtain a certificate from their employers on their company letterhead with their employers name and contact details on.

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  • Posted by: John WebsterPosted on: 31/03/2020 18:24:31

    Comment: Essential Journey Certificate.... Definitely useful thanks
  • Posted by: Sandra ParkinsonPosted on: 01/04/2020 12:10:18

    Comment: This a great idea and one I needed for a beekeeper who keeps hives, and a grazier who keeps sheep on my farm - but of course they are not a farmer or NFU member. The certificate needs to say 'My business/ employer's business' etc. There should be provision at the bottom to explain in what capacity the worker is travelling and to what address (if a regular worker there)
  • Posted by: I J & R S & N R MorganPosted on: 01/04/2020 14:10:32

    Comment: I need to cross the highway and travel locally to feed my sheep. I also need to collect feedstuff.
  • Posted by: Ian W SmalleyPosted on: 01/04/2020 22:42:21

    Comment: It might be helpful to mention Agricultural Contractors.
  • Posted by: Lesley BryantPosted on: 03/04/2020 18:14:00

    Comment: Footpath walkers are walking through the farm with no gloves or protective hand jell and using the gate hapses that I have to use
  • Posted by: B G HansfordPosted on: 10/04/2020 11:17:28

    Comment: needed for employee
  • Posted by: A TophamPosted on: 11/04/2020 10:02:22

    Comment: Thank you for your continued work on our behalf.
  • Posted by: C HartwrightPosted on: 25/04/2020 10:24:45

    Comment: What is the recommendation re. An independant shearing contractor who has no "Company" headed doumentation, coming for 1or 2 days. Also re. a "wrapper" , who may be a student on holiday ,or an occasional worker?