Our biggest ever membership consultation - update

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An 'options paper' detailing the NFU's ambitious vision for British agriculture post-Brexit has been discussed by our national Policy Board.

This means the NFU can soon embark on its biggest ever consultation with its 47,000 farmer and grower members. The paper covers crucial areas such as trade, access to labour, financial support and regulation and was discussed by the Policy Board members – farmers and growers from around the country - on Wednesday July 27.

The next steps will see regional meetings start next week, with the full consultation meetings led by NFU officeholders beginning on August 22 with 49 events across the country.

The briefing paper will be available on NFUonline for NFU members in due course and a shorter options paper will also be published for feedback at the full consultation meetings.

The NFU officeholder team, President Meurig Raymond, Deputy President Minette Batters and Vice President Guy Smith, believes this consultation presents an historic opportunity to shape farming policy.

The meetings will give NFU members a unique opportunity to discuss the implications of the Brexit vote and the options that could form part of a vigorous new agricultural policy. The NFU will then enter into detailed talks with other organisations later this autumn.

NFU President Meurig Raymond said: “Our member consultation will be the foundation of our high level vision for domestic agriculture. This helps us engage with the Government and shape a domestic farm policy; one which will lead to a profitable, productive and sustainable future for our industry.

“Over the coming weeks we will be consulting with our members, in every sector and in every county, getting their considered thoughts on our options paper in order to feed in to a final report.

“This really is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for farmers to be part of deciding the future of British farming. We need as many members as possible to be involved.

“The views of NFU members will be collated and fed back as a final report is prepared. This will go back to NFU Policy Board on September 29, before final agreement by NFU Council in October.

“There is a clear need for agriculture and horticulture to show unity.  When our consultation with our members is complete we will then be in a position to work alongside other organisations with shared goals and vision to ensure that British agriculture has a profitable and productive future outside of the EU and that the industry capitalises on those new opportunities.”

Farming grows the raw ingredients for the UK’s food and drink industry worth £108 billion, and providing jobs for 3.9 million people.

NFU members: Have your say

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  • Posted by: Jonathan Dixon SmithPosted on: 29/07/2016 14:24:11

    Comment: Get rid of the three crop rule for every holding. If necessary spread it to a group of holdings run by one contractor.
    Move the hedge cutting date back to July 15th.
    Simplify any new area aid scheme.
    Simplify environmental schemes and make them more flexible.
    Retain the use of roundup, even if a ban is needed on pre-harvest crops for human consumption.
    Do all that is possible to enable bureaucracy free international trade.
  • Posted by: J L BARTLETTPosted on: 30/07/2016 13:41:35

    Comment: Let's get rid of BPS and return to production based assistance where sectors require topping up. Administration costs will be much less if paid on the end product and help will go to where it is needed.
  • Posted by: Owen DaviesPosted on: 01/08/2016 11:24:28

    Comment: The Government is now under trial. Their opportunity and remit is to put right those things that have gone badly wrong during our time in the EU.
    1 Immigration
    2 The dairy Industry
    3 The fishing Industry
    There is also an expectation that we need to build on those things that were beginning to improve while we were in the EU.
    I do hope that our NFU report will not lose focus on the dairy industry in an effort to please everyone. We shall look forward to the opportunity to contribute.
  • Posted by: Tim ElmhirstPosted on: 25/08/2016 17:32:59

    Comment: What worries me is whether the UK farming community has enough political clout to achieve anything we wish for.
    I am very worried that it could all go horribly wrong if the UK public decide that Farmers have had enough handouts, paying Farmers is not a vote winner.
    The NFU and all will have to have some rock solid arguments to extract cash out of any government.
    I can see us getting money for stewardship etc with help from RSPB and National Trust but getting cash just to grow Arable crops and Dairy support will be very very difficult

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