Natural England publishes general licence for woodpigeons

Wheat field Herefordshire_44275Natural England has issued a new general licence to control woodpigeon to prevent serious damage to crops.

Natural England has issued a new general licence to kill or take woodpigeons to prevent serious damage to crops (GL31).

This licence can be found on Natural England’s website.

To exercise any control under this licence you must meet the conditions.

NFU members: Get further advice on Natural England's revocation of general bird control licences

Advice if you're using bird scarers: If you're using deterrents and scarers to help limit the damage caused by birds, follow the NFU's bird scarers code of practice to ensure you're using them responsibly and to avoid noise complaints from neighbours.

  • Posted by: Charlie FlindtPosted on: 07/05/2019 11:19:25

    Comment: If I were the NFU, I'd be a tad wary of claiming 'credit' for this 'victory'. GL31 seems horrible restrictive.

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