Agriculture Bill: Your last chance to influence this vital legislation

The Palace of Westminster

Now really is crunch time for the future of our trade and standards and the NFU is asking members to show their support for the principle of safeguarding our high standards when the Agriculture Bill returns to the House of Commons.

On Monday 12 October, MPs will get a second chance to vote on the Agriculture Bill as they consider the amendments that the House of Lords made to the Bill to ensure agricultural and food imports to meet domestic standards and to strengthen the role of the new Trade and Agriculture Commission,

We appreciate that members have contacted their MPs on this subject a lot over recent months, but as the Agriculture Bill gets closer to becoming law, it is crucial that we get the trade and standards aspect right.

Don’t miss this opportunity to make the case to MPs that they need to strengthen their role in scrutinising future deals.

How can I email my MP?

We’ve created a simple online tool that will help you email your MP on this issue.

Click here to fill in your details and a pre-prepared letter to your MP will appear, explaining why it’s important for them to support the Lord Curry amendment.

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  • Posted by: Don MorrisPosted on: 08/10/2020 17:14:58

    Comment: The news today that Cummings is dictating farm trade policies that ignore UK Food Standards and instead is happy for the `popular` arguments of cheaper food imports. His reasoning that `surely everyone wants cheaper food` must appeal to many who have no or little interest in the health of the country or the agricultural economy. I know Liz Truss will be doing her best for UK farming`s standards but the undemocratic interventions of Cummings will be difficult for her to ignore. Good luck to Minette Batters et al as I fear negotiations will finish in a flurry of horse-trading as happened when we entered the EU back on the seventies.
  • Posted by: M TurnerPosted on: 12/10/2020 20:04:11

    Comment: Bute and many other drugs are BANED to be given to horses they cannot enter the human food all drugs given have to be entered on their passport as can be transmitted to humans so why are does our Goverment think its OK to have beef with growth promoter in surely this will carry through to the human.