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February 2018 - Greening Update

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NFU experts have prepared an update for members on the state of play with greening and other changes to BPS for 2018.

Click here for the document which replaces any previous versions (updated 13 February 2018) - members only, you will be asked to login.

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  • Posted by: Mike ButcherPosted on: 16/08/2017 18:07:15

    Comment: If correct, this means nobody needs to bother with fallow or hedges as all their EFA/Greening requirement will be met by the outside metre next to the boundary (which will count for 9m2) and provide each field with its own EFA (typically 5-15% depending on the size and shape). It'll only be fields of over 60-70ha that might struggle. Every field will have a metre next to a fence or hedge (it can be the cross-compliance grass margin) and woun't even affect thos in Mid or Higher Tier as any grass margins is on top of the c/c requirement. Would welcome confirmation that this is indeed the case as nobody seems to have picked up on it in the media - or the NFU.
  • Posted by: Anthony ThomasPosted on: 23/08/2017 16:47:25

    Comment: Re Greening ,
    I think it's a really good idea & I cannpot understand why it's not been brought in sooner !
    It's good for all concerned

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