Member views needed for broadband and mobile survey

nfu broadband and mobile survey_45872The NFU’s annual broadband and mobile survey is now live, and its members are encouraged to take part in order to build a true picture of connectivity in the countryside.

The NFU continues to engage with government about the need for fast, affordable and reliable broadband and mobile phone coverage for farmers, growers and rural communities.

Last year’s survey showed that only 16% of respondents had a reliable indoor signal, despite over 90% agreeing that a reliable mobile signal was important for their business. The statistics were similar for broadband coverage, where nearly 60% of respondents felt their broadband speed was insufficient.

NFU Vice President Stuart Roberts said: “The NFU is calling on the government to make the digital economy universal so that every farming business can access superfast broadband at an affordable cost. In an increasingly technological world, farmers are relying more and more on broadband and mobile signal to run their businesses.

“Unfortunately the latest data shows the UK lagging behind other countries, slipping to 35th in the world for average broadband speed and 41st for 4G coverage, emphasising the need for the government to up its game in bringing rural areas up to scratch.

“Farmers and growers more than ever need access to reliable broadband and mobile services to ensure they can remain competitive, productive and innovative in a digital age. I would encourage as many farmers and growers as possible to complete this survey and contribute to the NFU’s growing evidence base for better rural connectivity.”

The survey will run from Thursday 30th August for four weeks. NFU CallFirst will be carrying out a telephone survey and it is also possible to complete the survey online.

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  • Posted by: Mr D J ForthPosted on: 05/09/2018 17:27:41

    Comment: Weak mobile phone signal. Still waiting for Fribe optic broadband down Squires Dove.
  • Posted by: Charles TrollopePosted on: 05/09/2018 17:41:06

    Comment: Nothing has changed. Still"Jam tomorrow".There is talk of installing wireless high speed broadband but it is forever talk. My daughter, who has a very smart telephone for work, can do everything that I can't when visiting. So why can't BT get on and connect our farms using the same system? Simple!.
    We are lucky to get three Mbps and cannot send a photo.
  • Posted by: richard hardyPosted on: 06/09/2018 07:42:02

    Comment: mobile coverage has improved although still intermittent in large areas in valley bottoms and round buildings,broadband is slower than last year from 5 to 3 mbs download speeds are very slow and struggle to support video calling (skype/facetime)
  • Posted by: Anne McLean WilliamsPosted on: 06/09/2018 08:04:42

    Comment: I do not even have minimum broadband speed of 2MB/sec to be able to file my accounts digitally online to HMRC by April 2019, so am wondering what to do. I believe I may be eligible for a voucher of up to £350 from the government to assist with the installation of affordable broadband; is this correct?To date I have not seen any information note from NFU to this effect. Do not know how or where to apply for this.
    We have a telecommunications mast on the farm so our mobile signal is satisfactory.
  • Posted by: Robert Morris-EytonPosted on: 06/09/2018 09:09:52

    Comment: My business is highly dependent on good mobile and broadband. Broadband is delivered by radio link with good speeds that would have been totally unobtainable from the existing fixed line system. Broadband users should be encouraged to look at all alternatives and planners should be encouraged to permit small scale aerials to facilitate connectivity. Turning to mobile signal it is frequently very poor. It is assumed that additional masts are required and every encouragement should be given to mobile network operators to improve coverage.
  • Posted by: Michael ColstonPosted on: 06/09/2018 10:49:26

    Comment: The very bad mobile phone connection at my farm and extremely slow broadband is seriously hampering my business.
  • Posted by: alister borthwickPosted on: 06/09/2018 17:01:53

    Comment: Since the launch of 4G last year, the mobile telephone signal has got much worse. We had started to rely on the mobile telephone network for control of irrigation equipment. more important it has been a very vital part of our healh and safety policy for the last say 15 years. despite complaining to vodaphone the situation has not improved.

    it is not an option to go to EE as they both share the same equipment on the local aerial.
    Post code PE31 8DD
  • Posted by: Michael palmerPosted on: 19/09/2018 16:32:25

    Comment: I can just about live with the slow broadband, but the mobile phone signal is non existent
    And totally unacceptable as being next to a major south east town
  • Posted by: Sam HostePosted on: 19/09/2018 16:49:13

    Comment: Although we live within 2 miles of some of the fastest broadband connections in the country it is the last 1 mile that mean I can barely open a web page, and have had to resort to a more expensive wireless broadband. This move away from BT will also have a knock on effect on the complaints that they receive as many rural businesses and people have already moved away from wired broadband as it is not fit for purpose. So any complaint figures that BT use and promote are substantially lower than they should be, as most of the potential customers have gone elsewhere. So here, outside of Malton I know of no-one who is using a wired solution.
  • Posted by: Tom GilbertPosted on: 19/09/2018 17:39:12

    Comment: Our phone signal has got worse in recent years and broadband speed is less than 1.5 mbs, and I have been told by an engineer it wont improve in the near future. We struggle to do things online because it tends to stop and start just when you need it. 4G would be good if we had a signal, we need more masts! Satellitte might be an option but again more infrastructure needed. If the Government want us to do more and more online we need faster speeds somehow.
  • Posted by: Richard ReevePosted on: 19/09/2018 21:05:32

    Comment: We have paid Openreach thousands of pounds for fibre. This was promised for June 2018. We are still not connected. Our speed is 3.5Mb on a good day and 0.5Mb on a bad. Not useable!
  • Posted by: David TrantPosted on: 19/09/2018 21:56:51

    Comment: Our broadband is awful.As time goes on a good broadband signal is getting more important.Now we are doing online VAT and accounts we are wasting a lot of time waiting for downloads.If the Government insists on doing more of our business online they should upgrade the service immediately.
  • Posted by: Kerstin FarmerPosted on: 20/09/2018 09:41:08

    Comment: We have very poor broadband speed. Logging on to several government sites takes patience as the computer will cut out because downloading takes too long! BT has brought fibre broadband to the village half a mile away but not up our lane which also serves at least 6 other properties near us.
  • Posted by: Albert BullPosted on: 29/09/2018 08:16:12

    Comment: Broadband is good 26 download this is more than we need. Mobile signal very bad. No signal on our CL site. Visitors are badly let down here. Wi-fi on site helps out.
  • Posted by: Kevin GossPosted on: 22/04/2019 08:24:30

    Comment: We would love to have super fast broad band but don't - this is our story
    We have built a brand new farm house to support our business that has been running for over 40 years.
    We have asked BT to provide a telephone line - which we will want to use as a broad band connection.
    BT have to work with openreach to provide the line to which BT can connect.
    We started the process in October 2018. We still do not have a phone line, and as such no internet connection.
    Openreach surveyed the site in November 2018. As we are 800 metres from the nearest telephone junction box, Openreach supplied us with ducting for us to install on our land to connect from the house to a point just across the road from the cabinet. Eventually the ducting got delivered and we did our part to trench the field and install 780 metres of ducting. Then we were in a position of just waiting for Openreach to duct under a minor rural road and install the cable from the cabinet to the house. Then BT would be able to connect us up.
    Openreach have failed. They have not done any work. They have not turned up when they say they would. They have now claimed to BT that the work has been done and that we have working line ready for BT to connect us up. This is not true. There is no line. They have done no work. BT keep turning up to connect us up but Openreach have failed to do their part. We have spent many hours of our time talking to many different people in Openreach customer services department, complaints department, and case managers. But not success has been made yet - we are now months on and we still have not line and are waiting on Openreach to do their work - if this is an example of the service they provide to rural business, it is rubbish.
    In addition, at the start we asked for a fibre connection as we knew we would be needing fast broadband from our rural location, but were told by Openreach that they do not install fibre cable. They would only ever look to install a copper line and then we would have to asked for an upgrade to a

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