NFU Farm Status Indicator: An introduction to carbon footprinting

NFU Farm Status Indicator

The NFU's Net Zero: Farm Status Indicator was launched during the climate change session on day two of NFU Conference 2020.

Designed to provide an introduction to carbon footprinting, the new online tool focuses on three pillars of activity that the NFU has identified as being key to helping farmers and growers tackle the issue at farm level:

  • Boosting productivity and reducing emissions
  • Farmland carbon storage
  • Coupling bioenergy to carbon capture, utilisation and storage

Click here to use the Net Zero: Farm Status Indicator

An image of NFU President Minette Batters during her opening address at NFU Conference 2020

Speaking about the new tool, NFU President Minette Batters said:

"Our ambition for a net zero contribution to climate change across the whole of agricultural production by 2040 is a national aspiration, not an expectation that every farm can reach net zero. Every farm will start the journey to net zero from a different place and will need a unique action plan. It is important to start that journey by assessing the likely emissions sources on farm, which is where the NFU's Farm Status Indicator can benefit, helping members take an initial first step on their own net zero plans."

This tool is not a comprehensive carbon calculator, rather it aims to provide a quick and easy guide to the practical measures you can put in place on your farm to reduce your agricultural greenhouse gas emissions.

Log in and try out the NFU Farm Status Indicator today to see where you are on the journey to reducing your emissions. On completion you'll also find a number of resources that will help you on farm, net zero guidance and a review of three carbon calculators most applicable to you.

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