NFU responds to Defra announcement on bridging payments

NFU Deputy President Guy Smith pictured on farm

Responding to Defra’s announcement that farmers will start receiving bridging payments for delayed BPS and Countryside Stewardship payments, NFU Deputy President Guy Smith said:

“Today’s announcement will help provide some much-needed relief for those businesses still waiting for BPS or Countryside Stewardship payments.

“While we are pleased to see some improvements to the payment performance of BPS and Countryside Stewardship, there is still work to be done. We remain very concerned that there are almost 4,000 farmers out there who have still not received ELS or HLS payments from 2017.

“This is simply unacceptable for the thousands of farmers who have delivered their side of the contract only to be left still waiting for their payment from the government, and who may be facing considerable knock-on effects for their businesses and families as a result.

“It is vital that Defra addresses this as soon as possible by paying those holders in full. The danger now is that delayed 2017 payments could have further effects on the delivery of already delayed 2018 payments.”

More of the NFU's work on BPS:

  • Posted by: Mick DrakePosted on: 08/05/2019 18:21:00

    Comment: Still waiting for my first 2018 payment.i have been notified today that my local MP is going to take this to parliament.That probably means nothing,but what about the NFU trying to make sure future agreements have reasonable legal binding payment windows?
    It seems apart from lots of promises,not much is really happening.Should not the government be setting presidence in paying bills promptly?

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