NFU to continue with neonicotinoids application

Cabbage stem flea beetle_27547

The NFU has said it will persist in applying for the emergency use of neonicotinoid seed treatments on behalf of farmers facing pressure from cabbage stem flea beetle.

This follows Defra’s announcement yesterday afternoon that Farming Minister George Eustice has decided not to accept the NFU’s most recent applications.

NFU Vice President Guy Smith said: “This is a blow for arable farmers across the country whose oilseed rape crops are under heavy threat from cabbage stem flea beetle. We are disappointed with the Minister’s decision; we strongly argued the case on behalf of our members.

“We remain committed to obtaining approval for the emergency use of neonicotinoid seed treatments for this planting season. These plant protection products are absolutely vital in protecting England’s oilseed rape crop from pests.

“We are currently looking into making further applications.”

  • Posted by: Edward BywaterPosted on: 16/05/2016 16:51:37

    Comment: It would be useful to know, in those areas that have already banned these particular pesticides, what alternatives are in use, whether they are considered safe and whether they are considered effective (especially against the cabbage stem flea beetle). Is the NFU saying that there is no alternative?
  • Posted by: Peter ArmstrongPosted on: 06/06/2016 13:12:51

    Comment: Crops under threat is not an emergency. There is a downside to the use of these products in that they appear to be a problem for bees and thus to pollination of many other crops. This is a complex balanced issue and cannot and should not be treated as an emergency.