NFU welcomes new £34m market for British beef


British beef will be back on the menu in the Philippines for the first time in more than a decade, thanks to a major export deal worth an estimated £34m over five years.

Defra Minister of State George Eustice said the global demand for British traditional breeds, recognised as being raised to high welfare standards, was behind the new deal.

NFU chief livestock adviser John Royle said: “Prospects for the British beef exports with the right trade deal are positive. We produce a quality product in a welfare conscious and environmentally responsible manner, that should be recognised and promoted to help secure access and sell British product into these new markets.

“In 2016 overall beef and veal exports were up 10% on 2015, at 110,300 tonnes. As world demand for red meat grows, especially from the developing economies in the Far East, British farmers have the ability to sustainably increase production to meet some of that demand.

 “The Philippines announcement comes at just the right time, when our members are seeking government and supply chain support to seek out new opportunities. Opening up new markets for British meat and gaining increased access to international markets is going to be a major focus, particularly with the uncertainty for farmers  post-Brexit.

“While access to the Philippines has been agreed, it will still take time to develop this new market for British beef. We will be looking for continued help from both the government and Agricultural and Horticultural Development Board (AHDB) to help exporters reach the predicted sales value of £34m.”

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