NFU welcomes new planning rules for farming

Beadlam Grange Farm Shop - outside_12109

The NFU welcomes new government planning guidance on farm shops, polytunnels and farm reservoirs which will enable farm businesses to continue to grow.

The government has today [7 Feb] responded to the long-awaited Rural Planning Review proposing new planning guidance to support rural development.

They will consult on improving permitted development rights for farm holdings and to create a new permitted development right to convert agricultural buildings to up to five dwellings.

NFU senior planning and rural affairs adviser Suzanne Clear said: “For farmers, this new guidance should help develop modern farm shops and the inclusion of polytunnels being considered on agricultural requirements sends a positive message to growers, and could boost sustainable food production.

“I am pleased to see that new guidance will allow on farm reservoirs to be positively considered, especially that it takes into account the need for more water storage. The long-awaited consultation on farm buildings and getting more homes on farm is particularly welcome and we look forward to seeing how this moves forward.

"Given the permitted development rights for farm buildings are over 20 years old a change in threshold size is well overdue.”

The potential to create up to five dwellings, each up to 150sqm in size using 750sqm of existing agricultural businesses will also be of interest to members looking to house family and farm workers and create more rural dwellings, so the NFU hopes the consultation on this will produce a positive outcome.

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