What's in your latest British Farmer and Grower?

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The latest edition of the NFU’s membership magazine British Farmer & Grower should be arriving on your doorsteps today.

Each edition is packed full of practical business advice, features on the union’s members, domestic and foreign farming news, as well as great competitions – all targeted to show farming as the dynamic, innovative industry that it is.

And on top of all that, there's a dedicated regional section for you to keep up-to-date with information from your area. 

In the June 2019 issue:

  • News: General licences and super rats
  • Brexit extension: What happens now?
  • Education: Taking teaching to the next level
  • Slurry: Are you ready for the regs?
  • Going the distance: Marathon effort for Farm Africa
  • The big picture: How the NFU works for farmers on infrastructure projects like HS2, Stonehenge and Vanguard.
  • Soil: Keeping it in the field
  • The rural crime beat: Update on the Dangerous Dogs Act
  • Lessons from abroad: Farming in New Zealand – what might we learn?
  • No deal: What’s the fallout from the blocked Asda/Sainsbury’s deal?
  • Poultry: Putting skills on show at Westminster
  • Livestock: Grazing approvals granted and sheep splitting update
  • Dairy: Hold your MP to account
  • Protecting your potatoes: Where next for plant protection?
  • Crops: Heading to Cereals? So are we!
  • Horticulture: Opportunities under ELMS?
  • Sugar: A triple crown of wins for NFU Sugar
  • Make the most of membership: Wheels, employment and security
  • And much, much more!

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  • Posted by: NFU web teamPosted on: 31/05/2019 11:05:31

    Comment: Thanks for your query on the website. All of the NFU magazines have been wrapped in a potato starch-based compostable wrapper since the start of this year. As far as we are aware, printing on this material is expensive and can stop it from being compostable if the ink is not as green – hence the A4 title sheet. Hope that helps!

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