Science education body joins teachers in endorsing NFU education resources

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The Association for Science Education (ASE) has applauded the NFU’s latest primary education project, Farming STEMterprise, for its resources which ‘breathe life’ into STEM subjects.

Farming STEMterprise takes Key Stage 2 children through each stage of setting up a farm shop business, from growing their own ingredients and using market research to test ideas, to calculating expected profit and designing responsible packaging.

The endorsement comes as the NFU launched the resources on its new education website, which have already got the backing of hundreds of teachers and a ‘green tick’ of accreditation from the ASE.

The ASE’s review said that the entrepreneurship approach to Farming STEMterprise provides a motivating and exciting narrative for children to learn and the resources will make a valuable contribution to primary schools.

NFU President Minette Batters said: “Farming is an incredibly exciting and challenging industry to be a part of, but it’s not often presented to children as a potential career path.

“Farming STEMterprise not only creates an exciting learning environment but opens the door for children into the world of food and farming, while the business aspect really helps inspire children to visualise a future in the industry.

“It’s been fantastic to see our resources so positively received by the education sector and to hear that the agricultural angle is igniting children’s passion for both STEM learning and farming.”

Teachers can now visit the brand new NFU Education website and download the resources for all Key Stage 2 classes for free.

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