NFU Elections 2018: Guy Smith

Guy Smith_27780

Positions nominated for: President and Deputy President

My previous four years as Vice-President have been demanding but also enjoyable. When elected in 2014 I quickly learnt that the role was not part-time. I’m fortunate that back home my side of the family-farm business now runs satisfactorily while I’m away - even if my mobile phone-bill has rocketed.

Now I’m seeking your backing for promotion. Strong political representation of farming will never be more important than now. We need to work hard to convince both consumers and politicians alike that British agriculture is worthy of their support. As British farmers we should be loud and proud about our internationally high standards but we need to emphasise the point that we cannot deliver these high standards for free. Good communication will be key.

It’s important that we see challenges as positive opportunities to both strengthen the NFU and to build a more resilient agriculture. If elected, I can promise full commitment. I have no doubt we have a lot of hard graft facing us.

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