Hannah Dockery

Hannah Dockery

NFU Horticulture and Potatoes Board member

Hannah works for Haygrove Ltd as Commercial Manager and Catalyst to the Eccentric Chairman.

Haygrove is privately-owned and made up of two integrated halves: growing soft fruit for leading supermarkets in the UK, South Africa, Portugal and China; and a branded B2B business which designs, engineers and sells horticultural growing systems in over 50 countries. Founded in 1988 by Angus Davison, Haygrove is a fast-moving entrepreneurial business with more than 1000 permanent and 3000 seasonal staff worldwide.

Hannah is interested in a new approach to business and Haygrove is challenging itself daily on what will define a great business of the future and trying to become one. The business is measured across a triple bottom line of planet, profit and people, and has been carbon neutral since 2020.

Hannah is responsible for retail fruit sales to UK supermarkets via Berry Gardens, the UK's leading grower-owned berry cooperative. She works closely with Angus as strategic partner and creative problem-solver. This is focused on culture, strategy, brand and sustainability.