Bluetongue risk low


Defra has analysed the risk to the UK of a bluetongue incursion (BTV-8) and it remains low given the cold weather, wind direction and low likelihood of virus circulation in local midge populations in the UK.

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All stock brought into the UK from the restriction zone (pink on the map) have been and continue to be post-movement tested and no cases of BTV-8 have been found. France has continued to report cases (154 new outbreaks in January 2017 and 406 in December 2016) but all have been identified via surveillance and no clinical signs have been reported. The recent cases in France have all been in cattle. Defra will continue to monitor the current situation in France and report any further updates from the French Authorities.

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BTV-8 vaccine has been available for the GB market since mid-July 2016, and the decision to vaccinate should be taken by the farmer, in consultation with their private veterinary surgeon.

Find out more about bluetongue, the JAB campaign and vaccination. 

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