Fancy representing the sheep sector?


The Sheep Health and Welfare Group, chaired by Charles Sercombe, is seeking a Vice Chairperson.

The Sheep Health and Welfare Group (SHAWG) is an independent group which industry organisations, including the NFU, are part of. SHAWG acts as an extremely useful link between representatives of the sheep industry with Government departments and their agencies.

The appointment is voluntary and for a two-year term, the position may be held for no more than three consecutive two-year terms.

The role of the vice-chair, is to act as a substitute for the chair when required.

The role of the chair is as follows:

  • To be an influential sector representative with experience in both industry and government initiatives
  • To attend relevant meetings and workshops on behalf of SHAWG and to report back to the group
  • To promote the activity of SHAWG with appropriate industry organisations and government departments
  • To ensure that the discussions and activities fit within the scope of the strategy and terms of reference for the Group
  • To work with the secretariat to provide timely responses to requests, and to develop agendas and supporting papers for the meetings
  • To ensure every opportunity is taken to prevent multiple members attending the same meeting as everyone should be encouraged to report back

If you are interested in either nominating yourself or another member for this position please complete the short nomination form and return to Lis King at AHDB bGlzLmtpbmdAYWhkYi5vcmcudWs= before Friday 8th February.


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