NFU advice: On-farm exotic disease contingency planning

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Notifiable diseases are animal diseases that you’re legally obliged to report to the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA), even if you only suspect that an animal may be affected.

The objectives of this contingency plan are to provide:

  • A practical off the shelf document containing key contact names and telephone numbers
  • Information on the main exotic notifiable diseases and how to recognise them, plus links to
  • information on all notifiable diseases.
  • A personalised farm contingency plan in case of disease outbreak
  • Practical guidance on cleansing and disinfection and where it is stored
  • An up to date inventory of livestock on the holding
  • A map of the farm land and buildings used to house livestock
  • Up to date livestock movement records
  • How to deal with public rights of way in the event of a disease outbreak


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