NFU response: call for views on live animal exports

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The NFU has responded to the Defra call for views on controlling live exports for slaughter and to improve animal welfare during transport after the UK leaves the EU.

As part of this call for views the UK Government also wishes to consider more broadly what improvements could be made to the way animals are transported once the UK has left the EU.

EU Law (EU Council Regulation 1/2005) sets the standards for animal welfare during transport. It is implemented nationally through The Welfare of Animals (Transport) (England) order 2006 and equivalent legislation in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. This current legislation requires people responsible to ensure that any journey is adequately planned and the time in transit is kept to the minimum possible. Animals must be fit to travel, and provided with adequate water, feed and rest and provided with sufficient floor space and height – all of which is detailed within the Animal Transport Guides which are the result of a project supported by the European Commission in late 2017. These sector specific guides were put together by experts from each sector (including many experts from the UK) and are based on the most recent science and evidence.

Following this call for evidence a consultation may be issued in relation to proposed UK Government measures, which could include regulatory measures as well as prohibitions.

Read the NFU's response here (You will be asked to log in). 

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