TB Advisory Service: resuming farm visits


After the Prime Minister’s statement on Sunday Evening, the TB Advisory Service is pleased to say that they feel it is appropriate to resume on farm visits.

TBAS can offer invaluable practical advice; which is fundamental to battling TB. Advisors are confident that they will maintain social distancing on farms.

If farmers would like a visit and it is safe for TBAS advisors to do so (no one in the family is self-isolating) please contact them on 01306 779410 or email aW5mb0B0YmFzLm9yZy51aw==

TBAS is a RDPE funded project free to cattle keepers in the High Risk and Edge Areas of England. Their service is to look at biosecurity risk from TB via cattle and badgers and recommend ways to reduce that risk, bespoke to each individual farm. They can also discuss what impacts a TB breakdown would have on farm and what could be done to build resilience into the business.

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