Defra TB Consultations: cattle measures

Beef cattle, Jimi Collis farm_44144On 19 July 2017, Defra released the next consultation proposals for cattle measures in England.


Bovine TB: Consultation on proposals to simplify surveillance testing on cattle herds in the High Risk Area of England and other disease control measures

View the consultation here. 

This is the latest in a series of consultation exercises aimed at introducing effective and proportionate TB control measures in cattle that will, when combined with measures to address the TB risk posed by badgers, increase the probability that the goal of national official TB freedom will be achieved by the target date of 2038. The proposals in the consultation document fall in to three broad categories:

  • Simplifying surveillance testing in the High Risk Area of England. These proposals have been developed following a Call for Views in 2016 
  • Increased use of private vets to support the delivery of TB controls
  • Changes to the TB compensation system to more effectively encourage risk-reducing behaviours at the farm level.

The consultation closed on 29 September 2017.

Read the NFU response here

  • Posted by: denis walkerPosted on: 24/07/2017 11:46:25

    Comment: if this was a human disease money would be spent and we would have a vaccine by now.The stress involved with six month testing when animals are all out and a busy time of year is a step to far for farmers and I for one would have to consider not keeping cattle.
  • Posted by: Huw RowlandsPosted on: 11/08/2017 18:11:50

    Comment: TB is public health issue, so costs should be fully borne by the state since TB control measures benefit every person living in the UK.
  • Posted by: Derek RobinsonPosted on: 19/08/2017 14:54:22

    Comment: This problem was not created by us, but our hands are tied in taking any action to rectify it. The government continues to push more legislation and costs on to us. It is time the NFU stood up and started fighting for those of us that are drowning in the worry of continuas tests. Costing us not only economically but emotionally as well.
  • Posted by: John FrancisPosted on: 03/09/2017 16:17:39

    Comment: I totally agree with the comment Mr Denis Walker.

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