NFU summary of Defra's response to TB strategy review

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Today the government has published its response to Professor Sir Charles Godfray’s independent review of our 25-year strategy to eradicate bovine TB (bTB) in England by 2038.

The government response sets out the key aspects of the next phase of the strategy, including:

  • Acceleration of work to develop a deployable cattle bTB vaccine, as part of a wider programme of bTB research.
  • Evolving the strategy for preventing spread of TB from wildlife.
  • Improving diagnostics, surveillance and epidemiology, to root out the disease.
  • Incentivising industry behaviours to prevent the spread of bTB through increased uptake of effective biosecurity measures and management of the risks posed by cattle movements.
  • Creating a true partnership across government, industry and stakeholders through more effective governance structures at every level. 

The NFU has produced a brief one-page summary of Defra's response to the Godfray review - click here to read.

Click here for a more detailed NFU analysis of Defra's response.

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