BPOA 2014 - conference roundup and presentations

Meurig Raymond at BPOA 2014_275_412The BPOA 2014 AGM and conference, held last month, was a great success. Here's a round-up of events and downloadable versions of the presentations.

Meurig Raymond, now President of the NFU, was guest speaker at the BPOA 2014 conference dinner. Meurig spoke of his support for the ornamentals industry and its importance to UK horticulture, as well as amusing members with some humorous anecdotes.

The BPOA's annual awards were also presented at the dinner. The awards were presented by The Sun gardening correspondent Steve Bradley. This year's recipients included

Kentia Palm award at BPOA 2014_275_233Colin Edwards of Woodlark Nurseries, who picked-up the Kentia Silver Palm for the pot plant grower of the year

Alan Hendy award at BPOA 2014_275_234


Peter & Adam Eastwood, who were awarded the Alan Hendy Award for the bedding plant grower of the year, and


John Sutton, well-known journalist, who was presented with the Trumpet Blower award for promoting horticulture's educational opportunities and industry interests for over 50 years.

Trumpet Blower award at BPOA 2014_275_234

Over the two days of BPOA 2014 there were over 14 presentations on marketing, business development, nursery management and pest and disease issues. Feedback from BPOA members shows how the quality and content of this years' presentations were regarded as extremely good. You can see the complete programme listing for the BPOA 2014 here.

Nina Winter, the NFU's chief legal advisor, kicked-off the presentations with a talk on 'Concepts in contract law & the code of good trading practice'.

Download Nina's presentation here

Adrian Jevans, Director of Consultancy at Zentano, gave a presentation on 'Driving Performance: The importance of continued business development and why understanding your people is so important.'

Download Adrian's presentation here 

Sarah Calcutt from ‘Partners in produce’ challenged BPOA 2014 with a presentation on 'Effective communication... Who is listening? What are you saying? Can they hear you?'

Download Sarah's presentation here

Dr Will Healy from Ball Horticulture gave a presentation on 'Global Production Trends/productivity on nurseries'.

Download Will's presentation here

David Talbot from ADAS updated BPOA 2014 on 'Improving the efficiency of spray application for protected ornamental crops: a study of current spraying methods and novel technologies - a review of HDC project PO 008'.

Download David's presentation here

Dr Tim O’Neill from ADAS and Dr Roma Gwynn from Biorationale presented a double-act on biopesticides – updating BPOA 2014 on the latest biofungicides and bioinsecticides coming into the marketplace.

Download Tim's presentation here 

Download Roma's presentation here 


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