BPOA highlights industry research needs

Plants growing in a lab_275_274The BPOA technical committee ‘industry needs document’ highlights the current research needs of the protected ornamentals sector.

The BPOA technical committee uses this document to steer its assessment and recommendations for future research and development for protected ornamentals growers. The BPOA technical committee then feeds this information into funding bodies such as the Horticultural Development Company (HDC) to help ensure that near-market R&D is industry-led and meeting the needs of growers in the ornamentals sector.

The document summarizes the current industry situation and outlines the future situation the industry is aiming to achieve in four main areas

  • Crop protection
  • Increasing returns on capital investment and inputs by efficient use of resources
  • Supplying consistent quality produce, plants and flowers to achieve customer satisfaction, and
  • Meeting the requirements of environmental practice and legislation.

You can download the document and read it in full by clicking here.

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