BPOA poinsettia growers' tour Germany

BPOA poinsettia tour 2013_275_183Last week a joint BPOA/HDC group made a tour of German poinsettia growing.

The group of 16 growers and other interested parties visited Nordrhein Westfalen as well as Baden-Württemberg, travelling between Straelen Research Station and Dümmen in the north to Heidelberg Research Station and Selecta in the south.

In addition to the breeder’s trials and the research projects they also saw two commercial nurseries with a wide range of varieties and product types. Naturally, there was much talk of the cost of energy and the returns from the market, which are as important issues in Germany as they are in the UK. It was noted that the crop volumes are in decline all over due to these pressures. In trying to mitigate these pressures, it was agreed that it’s even more important to try and add to the technical knowledge available when and wherever it can be obtained.

Despite the challenging issues,the fascination with this beautiful and complex crop continues and the group looks forward to putting into practise what they have learnt as individuals back on their own nurseries in the UK.

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