Election 2015: Sector asks

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What promises would we like from the political parties when it comes to backing British farming?

You can read the full NFU 2015 General Election Manifesto here.

However, on this page you’ll find the top 5 pledges which could swing the vote in the horticulture and potatoes sector.

  • Comprehensive plan to grow UK food production over the next Government’s term, reversing long-term decline in UK self-sufficiency. For horticulture, we ask Government to support efforts to increase consumption of fruit, vegetables, potatoes and plants to improve the nutrition, health and well-being of the nation.
  • Government science funding rebalanced to acknowledge the critical importance of applied research to tackle production challenges and encourage growth.
  • Government introduces a seasonal labour scheme open to students from outside the EU to undertake seasonal harvest work on UK farms. Government to also fully recognise how seasonal workers from existing EU countries are an essential part of the workforce currently underpinning the UK horticulture and potatoes industry.
  • For Government to commit to working with industry to take forward the Ornamentals Roundtable Action Plan, to create a 5-year roadmap to deliver on the actions and enable a thriving, productive and profitable British ornamentals sector to realise its potential for growth by 2020.
  • Ensure that Defra’s reform of the water abstraction licensing regime delivers an adequate supply of water to meet the increasing demand for UK-grown foods, such as fruit and vegetables, and ornamental plants.

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