It's Poinsettia Day

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December 12th is Poinsettia Day and all over Europe the Stars for Europe team are developing the demand for the product produced by growers over the last 5 months by distributing the marketing ideas to all involved in the poinsettia trade.

The day, originally created in 2002 by a resolution of the US House of Representatives, was initiated to honour Paul Ecke Jnr who was responsible for the early commercialisation of the poinsettia trade.

The Stars for Europe initiative is part funded by poinsettia growers themselves and part funded by the European Union.

On the Stars for Europe website you can see that the ever popular poinsettias are at home everywhere. New images and attractive decorating ideas with poinsettias in many colours, sizes and shapes waiting to be discovered - get yourself inspired!

As the season of poinsettia marketing is now seriously underway, the time for reinforcing the promotion of the product in the eyes of the consumer is upon us. You and your customers can use the images and ideas to make more interesting displays.

With ever shorter days, fragrant cakes and candle light - the charm of this very special season is alive again. Houses and apartments are decorated and festive and the poinsettia is an essential part of it. Versatile in arrangements, in many colours and shapes, it creates a very special atmosphere.

But not only do we feel the change here in Europe - people around the world prepare for the Advent and Christmas time with different customs and traditions are in every country. The colourful and decorative poinsettia is an integral part of the winter time on many continents of the world.

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