Vision 2020 - the near future for ornamentals

Vision2020 logo_275_194In the continuing series of meetings under the BGLA (British Growers Look Ahead) banner, the BPOA is delighted to announce the list of speakers at their 2014 event, a one day conference titled

Vision 2020 - the near future for ornamentals

29th October 2014 9am to 4pm

NFU Conference Centre — Stoneleigh Park 



This year’s conference will help you to answer the questions: what will we grow? how will we grow it and where will we sell it?

A wide range of authoritative and interesting speakers has been selected to present the information that you require about plant science; growing techniques, market needs, routes to market and working through the value chain.

Download the programme here

Everybody interested in the ornamentals production industry is welcome to attend. The event will be free to all members of the BPOA plus a guest and there is a nominal charge of £30 per head for non-members. Contact the BPOA office to make your booking, by emailing  YnBvYUBidGNvbm5lY3QuY29t

Nick Mathias, MD of Floramedia UK and sponsor of the event said: "We are delighted to support the BPOA and its members through the Vision 2020 event. We are also pleased that Robert Wacker of Floramedia bv is joining the speakers. From his wide, European experience, Robert will be offering a fresh perspective on product marketing in a rapidly changing world. We believe that he can offer original and  innovative thoughts on issues such as promotions and branding which will help growers in many different situations."

Ian Riggs, Director of Business & Commercial Development, Jersey Choice said: "As our industry continues to evolve and the marketplace changes growers have many strategic decisions to make, information and opinion is vital to enabling selection of the best investment choices direction for growers. This year’s BPOA/BGLA event - Vision 2020 - has leading edge speakers from across Europe covering all the vital areas for consideration from current and future, techniques and technology, routes to market, consumer desires and the wider promotion of gardening  and plants. BGLA plays a key part in our choices".

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