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Chlorothalonil now withdrawn - stay legal

A picture of a tractor spraying crops in a field.

Authorisation to use Chlorothalonil ended on 20 May 2020.

The 2019 wet autumn has delayed or prevented a significant amount of drilling of winter cereals, so growers may have purchased stocks of chlorothalonil with the intention of using legally before the final use date of 20 May but may not have the opportunity to do so. This briefing also outlines options for using or disposing of product.


Chlorothalonil is a is a highly effective contact and protectant fungicide with multiple modes of action for use in many crops and turf. It is used for the control of Septoria spp. in wheat and rhynchosporium and barley spotting in barley. Products containing chlorothalonil may be known by their more familiar product names such as Bravo 500. There are over 20 formulations registered by different companies and several co-formulations available (chlorothalonil in a mixture with one or more other active ingredients) including Bravo Xtra, Alto Elite and Cherokee, for example.

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