What are your views on the eGrain passport scheme?

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The NFU is urging arable farmers to make their voices heard on the potential switch from paper grain trade documentation to electronic grain (eGrain) passports, as AHDB announces that the industry consultation period on the new eGrain passport scheme is open.

NFU combinable crops board chairman Mike Hambly said: “The NFU is pleased to be involved with the pilot project and we are encouraged by the results; it is now up to industry to decide the next step for the eGrain passport.

“Real time feedback of data, both weights and analysis, of our product is critical in enabling us to better manage our businesses. This level of transparency is essential across this food industry. Just as livestock farmers utilise the data they receive from abattoirs, arable farmers need to be able to take the same approach with their product. The feedback of data has been labelled ‘extremely beneficial’ by the people involved in the trial.

“We are mindful that the final report does have outstanding questions - primarily around the cost and ownership of the scheme – and the NFU will be asking members to give their views on the options available before any potential national roll-out is implemented.

“We are encouraging members to look at the report and share their views with us to form the NFU’s response to AHDB’s industry consultation.”

Let us know your views by getting in touch with your regional combinable crops representative or by emailing Y29tYmluYWJsZWNyb3BzYm9hcmRAbmZ1Lm9yZy51aw==

Video: Watch an AHDB guide to system below

  • Posted by: J A StilgoePosted on: 30/03/2016 18:51:35

    Comment: Present system is simple and works well. Do not alter it.
  • Posted by: LBDOUGLASPosted on: 03/04/2016 08:46:00

    Comment: as all my grain is delivered to a local farmer owned cooperative i receive all the information on each load, weight, bushel weight, hagberg, nitrogen, screenings, protein, oil content etc. i wish to stay with the paper sytem it works very well, if it is not broken do not try and fix it. YET MORE MEDDLING !!
  • Posted by: Philip MeadleyPosted on: 04/04/2016 07:00:49

    Comment: I think the current system is o.k,as I do not have a smart phone it would cause me problems.
  • Posted by: John SpencePosted on: 12/04/2016 13:53:53

    Comment: The e passport system for cereal deliveries sounds complicated and might be as easy to fill in the paper system. There should be a choice.
  • Posted by: Tom Kennedy Posted on: 12/04/2016 14:38:46

    Comment: Egrain passports a great idea if you are interested in smartphones and technology. They are a terrible idea if you don't own a smartphone, or are not interested in technology, or have bad broadband. I very much hope this will not be mandatory.
  • Posted by: Gavin LanePosted on: 12/04/2016 15:16:59

    Comment: I went to a Camgrain meeting in 2014 and was told by the speaker from the representative from Red Tractor assurance that "e-passports are just around the corner as we only have a few minor issues to sort out". Given the length of time this topic has been discussed for and the amount of cash spent on it, surely it is better to move on and concentrate on something more productive? The present system seems to work and by the time anyone actually gets round to e-passports, the technology will have moved on and the system will be obsolete.
  • Posted by: Nik BrookPosted on: 12/04/2016 20:35:08

    Comment: I can't see how what I've seen in the video is simpler and easier than popping a sticker on a sheet, writing my address and signing it. I'm sure it will make it easier for processors and traders so we will probably end up with it and have to pay for it as well!
  • Posted by: Nigel RomePosted on: 13/04/2016 21:17:47

    Comment: More meddling by people who think farmers have all the time in the world and nothing better to do. I am sure it will be fine for those of us blessed by good phone signals and even better broadband coverage sadly I am not one of those!
  • Posted by: T ElliottPosted on: 15/04/2016 10:23:29

    Comment: eGrain passports - Totally against this as it will end up doubling the work load which has happened with the livestock. So we think totally pointless and increasing red tape for NO gain.
  • Posted by: Andrew BalaamPosted on: 15/04/2016 11:00:13

    Comment: One feature I would like to see with regard to Red Tractor and digital information, is regular reports detailing in a league table format which Mills are rejecting loads and for what reason. It would also be interesting to have details of average tip times. Which might identify occasions when loads are rejected through breakdowns. There is a very big grey area around intake at Mills and there is too many people making too much money exploiting it. At the end of the day we can only vote with our feet and choose to support the businesses which play fair, once we have the information at our disposal. If you look on all the websites of these food processing businesses they will all detail low food miles being a consideration this unfortunately does not take into account the loads they have rejected, having bought on the strength of a sample and then redirecting half way across the region.
  • Posted by: stewart vernonPosted on: 25/04/2016 22:06:24

    Comment: this is an expensive compilation of a system that works. The cost will eventually be born by the producer because the system proposed fails to add value to the grain. It is an unnecessary cost on the industry.
  • Posted by: Jeremy Davies Posted on: 03/05/2016 19:24:42

    Comment: It would be interesting to see some user feedback from farmers, hauliers and also the mills/buyers etc. this could be highly useful provided it is a) totally reliable(?) b) paper passports can still be issued in emergency, or an email based backup contingency. We are accused of being somewhat conservative / wary of technically advanced electronic solutions, though perhaps bearing in mind current BPS issues is that so surprising?Good luck, hope it goes well!
  • Posted by: Robert StaceyPosted on: 11/05/2017 13:04:23

    Comment: Why should farmers have to pay, via the £2.55 million offered by the AHDB, for information that they should have an automatic right to in the first place? If the grain trade want e passports they should pay for it themselves and lets spend £2.55 million that will be of real benefit to grain farmers.

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