AHDB's #Breed4Better campaign takes to Twitter

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If you’re a dairy farmer you may be wondering how and why you should use sexed semen in your block calving herd?

AHDB Dairy currently has a focus on encouraging farmers to used sexed semen, following recent media focus on the fate of bull calves.

A social media campaign has been launched on Twitter using the hashtag #Breed4Better.

Messages include:

  • For milk recording herds, the Herd Genetic Report is a great place to identify your best heifers and cows to use #sexedsemen on
  • )Use the AHDB semen usage cost calculator to work out financial gain of using sexed semen on the best and beef semen on the rest
  • Listen to how dairy farmers Tristan Dale and Tim Downes breed for better by using sexed semen on their block calving herds.

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