Raw Milk Producers Association launched

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The NFU is supporting the official launch of the UK’s first Raw Milk Producers Association formed to safeguard future sales.

The group will work closely with Government to bring better support and guidance for those dairy farmers across the country who have diversified into selling raw milk.

In May 2018, the NFU hosted a producer conference at Stoneleigh to discuss changes to regulations, labelling and selling of raw milk, which the raw milk producers association went on to be formed from.

More than 170 producers currently sell raw milk direct to the public either at the farm or through vending machines, farmers markets and delivery services.

The new Raw Milk Producers Association (RMPA) is the brainchild of dairy farmer and NFU member, Jonny Crickmore, and one of the UK’s leading cheese experts, Bronwen Percival.

The RMPA aims to:

  • Bring raw milk producers together and provide networking and training opportunities.
  • Provide official Government-endorsed guidance to producers on production standards, dairy hygiene and microbiological testing.
  • Provide a liaison service between raw milk producers and Government
  • Provide an online forum where producers can share knowledge and experiences.

Three training days (29 April, 1 and 3 May) are being held which will update producers on best practice techniques and give updates on the changes to legislation.

If want want to find out more about the RMPA click here.

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