What is the Dairy Roadmap?

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What is the Dairy Roadmap?

The Dairy Roadmap includes farmers, retailers, dairy manufacturers, government and industry partners. The roadmap defines targets and produces regular reports on progress that the industry is making on environmental matters.

The NFU, DairyUK and AHDB Dairy have collaborated to ensure a whole-supply chain picture.

This is the third report since the roadmap was launched in 2008, uniting the supply chain to agree challenging and monitored environmental and sustainability targets. In this 2015 report you will see a number of new targets for 2025 and some targets that have been expanded.

This reflects that we are constantly developing what we do on environmental responsibility. With each report, the ambition and reach of the industry has grown and this is reflected in the way the roadmap has developed.

Nowhere else in the world has the supply chain, from farmers right through to retailers, come together to agree such a broad programme with hard, time-bound environmental sustainability targets.

Looking internationally, we know that there are individual cases of companies around the world undertaking supply chain projects, or focusing on the environmental performance of their sites. However, to achieve real change we need the whole supply chain to work together from farmers to consumers.

As you read through this report you will see that our dairy farmers and dairy manufacturers have made excellent progress against the tough targets we have set for ourselves, but there are still some areas where we have work to do.

Retailers in Britain have also publicly supported the aims and objectives of the Dairy Roadmap and provided tangible evidence of the steps that they are taking to support achievement of the roadmap’s actions. You can view these in our digital report which you can download here.

There is no end point, no finish line on environmental sustainability and we will continue to challenge ourselves to keep progressing in this area.

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